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About Hedinn

Hedinn was established in Reykjavik in 1922 and builds mainly on its deep-rooted relationship with Icelandic fisheries. Additionally, Hedinn serves a number of heavy and light industries.

Hedinn operates mechanical engineering and steel fabrication departments, with technical engineering at its core, investing heavily in R&D, employing a workforce of around 120.

Hedinn is a private holding company, owned by its founder’s families and management.

The company’s headquarters span some 8,000 square meters on a 22,000 square meter lot at the industrial site in Hafnarfjordur town. Hedinn also has service centers at the Grundartangi industrial site and in Norway.

Address and contact information

Gjahella 4, 221 Hafnarfjordur, Iceland.
Tel: (+354) 569-2100

Gjáhella 4