Kongsberg Maritime Dealer

Hedinn is the Kongsberg Maritime Service Provider in Iceland. Hedinn services and sells Kongsberg Maritime equipment and solutions and handles installation, upgrades, repairs and maintenance.

Meet Hedinn’s team of Kongsberg Maritime specialists

Hedinn employs a team of Kongsberg Maritime specialists, working closely with the company’s engineering, lathing, welding and technical departments.

Rögnvaldur Þ. Höskuldsson
Head of Department
Direct: 569 2113
Mobile: 660 2113

Þorsteinn Sverrisson
Service Manager
tel: 569 2127
mobile: 660 2127

Sindri Sigurgeirsson
Foreman Lathing
tel: 569 2131
moblie: 660 2131

Guðfinnur Kristmannsson
Foreman Mechanical Workshop
tel: 569 2148
moblie: 660 2148

New from Kongsberg Maritime

The TT-PM is engineered and built with focus on reliability and efficiency. The core mechanical technology is well proven and verified
through rigorous design processes, quality control, testing and verification.


Hedinn and Kongsberg Maritime

Having served Brattvaag, Bergen Engines, Tenfjord and Ulstein for decades, Hedinn took on the role of Service Provider when these companies merged with Rolls-Royce Marine. Now Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine is a fully integrated part of Kongsberg Maritime and Hedinn continues to service and sell these products under the name of Kongsberg Maritime.

Hedinn serves the vast number of Icelandic vessels employing Kongsberg Maritime equipment and systems, as well as foreign ships docking in Iceland for repair, maintenance and upgrading.

Kongsberg Maritime winch systems can be found on 15 out of the 17 most successful freezer trawlers in Iceland in 2018. Most of those vessels also have propulsion systems, alarm and tank sounding systems by Kongsberg Maritime.

Currently in the Icelandic fleet there are 65 winch systems, 15 main engines, 82 alarm and tank sounding systems and 51 propulsion control system by RKongsberg Maritime.