Photo: Samherji

The second freezer trawler equipped with the on-board Hedinn Protein Plant Marine recently sailed on its maiden fishing voyage from its home port of Cuxhaven in Germany. Berlin NC 105 is a new vessel, owned by DFFU, a subsidiary of Samherji in Iceland. Berlin is a sister ship of Cuxhaven NC 100, also owned by DFFU and launched last year.

On board Berlin is a Hedinn Protein Plant 2000 Marine, with a 24-hour capacity of 50 tons of raw material. The Hedinn Protein Plant makes fishmeal and fish oil production at sea more economical and efficient than previous equipment would allow. It enables fishing vessels to fully utilise all raw materials to return valuable products.

The two sister ships, Berlin and Cuxhaven, are Rolls-Royce designed NVC 374 WP (wave piercing) vessels, built to specifications in line with the experience and needs of the operator. Two additional trawlers of the same type will be built over the coming months for Samherji’s subsidiaries, all equipped with Hedinn Protein Plant Marine. The ships are built in the Myklebust shipyard in Norway.

The equipment on the new freezer trawlers includes an array of gear from Icelandic manufacturers, in addition to Rolls-Royce machinery. In addition to the Hedinn Power Plant Marine from Héðinn, the navigation equipment, graders, lighting equipment, filletting machines and processing decks are manufactured or supplied by Icelandic companies.

The first Hedinn Protein Plant Marine is on board the freezer trawler Sólberg which started fishing last fall. The performance of the plant has exceeded expectations and reports on the production in the first months will be published on this website shortly.

The Rolls-Royce NVC 375 WP is an 81 m stern trawler developed for fuel-efficient operations by introducing wave-piercing hull design, an HSG machinery system and a Promas propulsion system.

Photo: Samherji

Its main engine is the Bergen B33:45 L6P, developing 3.600kW. The B33:45 is the most powerful engine in its class, offering 600 kW per cylinder in a compact engine design. It sets a new industry standard concerning fuel efficiency, low emission and low life-cycle cost.

Berlin’s sister ship, Cuxhaven NC 100.